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OOC: A peek into the world of Allen Walker

I'm going to be adding to this as I go. It's basically a timeline of Allen's development at the roleplays I belong to, perhaps with the occasional link, and a tally of the people Allen sees as friend/comrades/rivals/etc. at said roleplays.

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Asylum Project


-Waking up and posting in Trecidem.
-Meeting Garrus Vakarian. A bit of culture clash makes things difficult at first. A couple mandibles and some apphrension later, they more or less hit it off.

((To be expanded))


Garrus Vakarian (father figure)
Lavi (close friend)
Rinali Li (close friend)
Hikaru Shidou (close friend)
Winry Rockbell (close aquaintance and crush)
Komui Li (supervisor)
Badou Nails (that guy he exchanges witty banter with)
Souseiseki (person he worries about)
Osaka (younger sister?)
Vash (person he worries about)
Zelos (rival)
Edward Elric (rival and person he worries about)
Gregory House (person he worries about)
Yuu Kanda (rival and hated almost-enemy)
Pyramid Head (rival, hated enemy and the hardest poker player he's ever gone against)

In Fabula




Lupin Ferus (close aquaintance)
Hisoka Mizushima (close aquaintance)
Edward Elric (close aquaintance)
Lauren Mackenzie (damsel in distress?)

{ .ooo1 }

W-Where am I? The paper s-said to come here...does anyone known what era it is? Hisoka says it's the 21st century, and I sorta believe him at this point, b-but...