The Crowned Clown's Journal

Allen Walker
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† Main Details


Name: Allen Walker
Series: D.Gray-man
Age: 15
Timeline: Before Tyki destroys his Innocence, after he meets Aleister Crowley.
Room: D-124
Special Abilities/Powers: Allen possesses a ‘parasite-type’ anti-akuma weapon as his left arm. He also has a cursed eye, which normally appears as a jagged scar over his right eye with a pentacle above his eyebrow and can take on the likeness of a monocle to detect akuma. Not to mention, he's terrifyingly good when it comes to cheating at cards…

† Appearance:
Allen generally wears a long-sleeved white shirt, with a red ribbon tied around his neck into a bow and gloves to cover up his hands. He also wears dark pants and heavyish boots. His Black Order uniform consists a black-and-silver overcoat over this, with a rosary cross right above his heart.

(his left hand)
† Personality:
Allen is very friendly and almost always has a smile on his face. In spite of, or perhaps because of his dark past, he is very loyal to his friends and comrades. He has a very easy-going nature, but can be very reckless when it comes to completing his missions or protecting people.
† Background:
Not very much is known about Allen’s distant past; only that he was abandoned at a young age and adopted by Mana Walker, who died when Allen was still very young. After being persuaded by the Millennium Earl, Allen assisted in bringing Mana back as an akuma. This resulted in his cursed eye and his anti-akuma weapon being activated, as well as the accidental death of Mana because of said weapon. Shortly after he became an apprentice to the exorcist-general Cross Marian, and eventually joined the Black Order.

(his monocle-like cursed eye, when activated)
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